Electrical-assembling works are based on usage of wide range of process equipment and wiring accessories within construction sites. Such accessories amount to thousands of items; and the ability to control their delivery time, quality, and cost is often the major aspect of successful fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Making the most competitive quotation to a customer means to offer the complex service, including construction and installation works, design, fabrication, and supply of the most demanded wiring accessories, process/ building structures, vessels, heat exchangers, isolation valves, and non-standard items. Besides, production engineering and usage of a wide range of own-produced equipment and items may resolve the issues of construction and installation works’ industrialization, quality improvement, and labor saving when erecting a power generation facility.

Through the years, ESKM CORPORATION, LLC operates successfully within the design and fabrication of process equipment and wiring accessories, which are based on the corporate technical specifications. These specifications have been registered in the Center for Standardization and Metrology and approved by the customers and leading design institutions of Russia.

Each production workshop is equipped with modern machinery, welding equipment (including those fitted with CNCs), and lifting devices. There are three special workshops that deal with anti-corrosion coating of metal structures to significantly improve the products’ lifetime. Coating is applied with powder-based/ liquid paintwork materials and metals via the methods of galvanization and hot zinc plating.

Design, calculations, and fabrication of equipment and accessories correspond to the standards adopted within the nuclear industry; while the quality of released items is guaranteed for each order. The products are provided with necessary certificates and have been successfully supplied to nuclear/ heat power facilities located both in Russia and other countries: India, Iran, Iraq, China, Croatia, Belarus, Armenia, and Bangladesh.


  • Heat exchanging equipment
    modular plate heat exchangers, welded plate & shell (shell & tube) heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers with plain/ helical/ spirally profiled tubes, spin cells, plated air coolers and air heaters.
  • Passive heat removal equipment
    heat exchangers, regulators, air locks, braces, beams, shells, solenoids.
  • Tank equipment
    fluid tanks, pressure tanks, tanks with mixing devices, tanks produced as per the sheet or roll technology.
  • Filtering equipment
    entrainment filters, mixed bed filters, hydrogen form polishers, OH-anion bed filters, cooling water screens, regeneration vessels, filters to release the medium ionite layer, mechanical filters, and mixed bed filters fitted with internal regeneration function.
  • Pipeline valves
    safety valves, control valves, quick-response shut-off valves, check valves and double check valves, bellows fittings, pressure reducing chillers, check shutters, steam valve units, pressure regulators.
  • Electrical products
    metal structures for cable laying and installation of lighting networks, lamps, benches for installing primary I&C and A converters and radiation monitoring sensors, modular cable penetrations, low-voltage packaged devices, products for the installation of I&C devices at NPPs.
  • Air ducts and busbars
    with natural and forced air cooling.
  • Building and technological structures.

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