The design, calculation, manufacturing of equipment and products is carried out according to the standards of the nuclear industry and the quality of products is guaranteed for all orders.

A vigorous in-house production with modern technical equipment and a competent team of designers, engineers and skilled workers provides the scope of work of ESKM with its own components, optimizes logistics, reduces delivery times and allows you to clearly meet the specifics of each project.

Each workshop of the factory is equipped with modern machine and welding equipment (including those with numerical control) and lifting mechanisms, which total quantity is more than 400 pieces.

Three specialized workshops provide anti-corrosion coating of metal structures, significantly increasing the service life of products by means of powder and liquid paint-and-lacquer materials and metals by electroplating and hot-dip galvanizing.

A wide range of products is produced on the basis of our own technical conditions agreed upon by the leading design organizations in the power field and the operation services of the nuclear plants of Russia. The products have necessary certificates of conformity and are successfully supplied to nuclear and thermal power facilities not only in Russia, but to NPPs and TPPS in India, Iran, Iraq, China, Croatia, Belarus and Armenia as well.


  • Heat exchange equipment
    sectional and welded plate, shell&plate, shell&tube, shell&tube intensified with Spin Cell technology heat exchangers, air coolers and air heaters with ribbed pipes and lamels.
  • Tank equipment
    fluid tanks, pressure tanks, tanks with mixing devices, tanks produced as per the sheet or roll technology.
  • Air ducts and busbars
    with natural and forced air cooling.
  • Pipeline valves
    safety valves, control valves, quick-response shut-off valves, check valves and double check valves, bellows fittings, pressure reducing chillers, check shutters, steam valve units, pressure regulators.
  • Electrical products
    metal structures for cable laying and installation of lighting networks, lamps, benches for installing primary I&C and A converters and radiation monitoring sensors, modular cable penetrations, low-voltage packaged devices, products for the installation of I&C devices at NPPs.
  • HPRS equipment
    heat exchangers, air duct elements of a passive heat removal system.
  • Building and technological structures.

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