ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC has taken part in METALLOOBRABOTKA-2022 exhibition and represented its shared stand referred to the Krasnodar Krai.

The period between 23rd and 27th of May has become the time of the 22nd International Special Exhibition named “Equipment, Appliances, and Tools of the Metalworking Industry METALLOOBRABOTKA-2022”. The event has taken place in the Expocenter Central Exhibition Complex in Moscow, Russia.

Within its stand shared with Krasnodar Krai’s manufacturers, ZESKMI, LLC being the production department of ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC has presented its developments intended for import substitution within the industry of plate heat exchangers.

Plate heat exchangers are dependent from import, and they are demanded by basic Russia’s economy spheres as follows: power generation, chemical/ petrochemical, metallurgical, and food industries, as well as utility sphere and industrial thermal power engineering.

ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC has been carrying out research and development jobs during the last 5 years. As a result, it has designed, produced, and tested the prototypes, arranged the necessary patents, developed technical specifications, and purchased the equipment intended for plate stamping, metal processing, welding, and technical supervision.

In the end it has achieved its goal of arranging 100% of Russia-based manufacture of plate heat exchangers, which were supplied to power units of the thermal power plants and NPPs in the amount over 300 pieces. There are new contracts signed with regard of supplies of more than 150 plate heat exchangers.

The Krasnodar Krai’s stand also demonstrated the sample of a plate heat exchanger and the scale model of a shell and plate heat exchanger, as well as the range of plates of different sizes presented in different options, including the ones made of titan, and fitted with EPDM gaskets or without them.


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