New catalog of process vessel equipment

Due to adoption of new assortment into production and supply capabilities of ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC, there has been issued new catalog of process vessel equipment.

The catalog specifies the assortment of process vessel equipment, which is fabricated by the enterprises comprising ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC.

The catalog contains equipment list, main technical specifications, and short description of items, which are fabricated based on the valid standards.

The catalog provides equipment codes taken from the Uniform Industry Items and Materials Name Directory (hereinafter: UIIMND).

Being an electronic database of materials and resources to be applied in the nuclear industry, UIIMND contains complete technical data on the developed and supplied equipment, which may be used by design contractors, expert companies, and special enterprises as typical equipment, which is accepted by the Customer with reference to NPP norms correspondence.

These items are purposed for nuclear power plants, thermal power stations, and facilities referring to power plant/ civil construction both in Russia and abroad.

For the purpose of industrialization of large capacity tanks (over 80 m3) there is the rolling method applied during their fabrication. This method allows fabricating rolled tank shells within factory environment, as well as performing mock-up pre-assembly. This ensures sufficient reduction of labor contribution and installation time.

The present catalog contains the data on currently manufactured items as on January, 1st, 2021. It is stored in the following directory: E-catalogs/ Catalog of heat exchangers and vessel equipment.

New catalog of process vessel equipment


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