About us

ESKM AK Corporation, LLC (hereinafter: ESKM) traces its history to the multi-corporate enterprise, named ElektroSevKavMontazh, which was found in 1985 by the authority of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification (USSR). The enterprise was purposed for arrangement of electrical and mounting works at electricity construction objects on southern territories of the USSR.

During these years ESKM has saved and increased its personnel, bringing their number up to 6 thousand specialists. It has become the stable and dynamically developing company, dealing with implementation of set of works with regards to mounting, repair, and adjustment of electric equipment and technical means of automatic process control systems at thermal and nuclear power plants and sub-stations of any type, constructional objects and industrial facilities both in Russia and overseas.

ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC is currently the multi-business company. The company headquarters is located in Krasnodar, while its representative offices are located in Moscow, Dimitrovgrad, Kurchatov, Podolsk, Sosnovy Bor, Troitsk, Udomlya, Fryazino, Chekhov, Minsk (Republic of Belarus), and branch offices in the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Hungarian People's Republic. Company divisions (assembling departments, electric installation departments, adjusting departments, and installation and checkout departments, ESKMIndustria plant, as well as the special thermal installation department, and the training center) supply a full range of electric installation jobs and commissioning works with their own resources. Procurement is provided with the full scope of material resources, including the items and equipment of the in-house development and production.

ESKM takes its permanent role in constructing nearly each largest nuclear facility on the territory of Russia. Its reference list of Soviet nuclear power plants includes construction of Zaporizhia NPP (units no 1 and 2, 1000 MW each), Rostov NPP (unit no 1, 1000 MW), Kalinin NPP (unit no 3, 1000 MW), reconstruction of Kursk NPP (unit no 1, 1000 MW), and finishing construction of unit no 1 of Volgodonsk (Rostov) NPP.

In 2007 ESKM became the main installation company, which installed electric equipment and technical means of automatic process control systems at the facilities of unit no 2 of Rostov NPP. It was the first unit, launched in Russia after long term interval. Our current assets comprise constructional works at more than dozen power units of Russian nuclear power plants, including Rostov NPP, Novovoronezh NPP, Kalinin NPP, Beloyarsk NPP, Leningrad NPP, and Kursk NPP. Among our significant overseas experience there is the long-term business as the lead contracting electric-installation organization, dealing with Bushehr NPP in Iran, and construction of both power units at Astravets NPP in Belarus and the Ruppur NPP in Bangladesh.

ESKM CORPORATION, LLC’s competitiveness is based on providing the comprehensive product related to rendering construction and installation services, developing of project/ engineering/ process control documentation, supplying of own-produced wiring accessories and process equipment, as well as performing the jobs on professional education and proper training of operating personnel, managers, and specialists.

Over the years ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC has been successfully dealing with engineering and production of process equipment and electric installation items based on in-house technical specifications registered in the Center for Standardization and Metrology of Russia and approved by customers and leading Russia’s project institutions. ESKM CORPORATION, LLC successfully supplies heat exchangers, tanks, vessels, passive heat removal components, current distributors, cable metal structures, C&I primary transducer stands, radiation control stands, modular cable passages, C&I installation items to be used at NPPs, low-voltage package devices, and pipeline valves within Russia and to NPPs and thermal power plants located in India, Iran, Iraq, China, Croatia, Armenia, Belarus, Turkey, and Bangladesh.

Apart from arrangement of scheduled supplies of items and equipment, ESKM cares about improving of its labor efficiency and high quality of performed jobs, which can be achieved by means of constant maintaining of necessary personnel qualifications. ESKM owns significant manpower resources and intellectual assets. The company personnel numbers in 6 thousand specialists, who perform the most complicated building and erection jobs, as well as electric-installation and start-up works through the use of modern technologies, technical means, and high-tech equipment. This makes staff training and talent management remain among the most focused areas, aimed to ESKM’s development and competitiveness improvement.

About 40% of all the personnel undergo annual training and professional development. Further vocational education and professional development of the operating personnel is provided by the training center, owing the unique material resources, arranged by ESKM’s specialists. These resources fully correspond to real working conditions at the objects. There are more than 40 positions, provided in the list of occupations and specialities, which are subjects to training and further additional training. Numerous wins of ESKM’s specialists in the contest «The Best Expert in Nuclear Capital Construction Industry», held by the Private Institution of State Atomic Energy Corporation «ROSATOM», prove ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC’s good name and reputation of the reliable and professional provider of electrical-assembling works at nuclear power plants.

ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC expresses its appreciation to its partners for their professionalism and reliability and it is cooperative within Russian and foreign energy industry.

ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC has taken part in METALLOOBRABOTKA-2022 exhibition and represented its shared stand referred to the Krasnodar Krai.

The catalog for filtering equipment has now been released

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited has carried out the audit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC achieves the FSTEC license!

ESKM AK CORPORATION, LLC have finished to inspect power units to be operated by TRINITI JSC